Fuelling fast growth and FinTech

Fuelling fast growth and FinTech

It’s hard to ignore that FinTech is forging ahead as a sector.

  • Now worth £10.7billion as a sector and still growing…
  • Vast range of diversity from personal finance to InsurTech, data management to alternative finance options
  • Seen as an ‘engine for growth’ in the UK (Deloitte)
  • London is a ‘superhub’ for businesses, with other major locations around the UK (Deloitte)

Creating content and generating opportunities

We get excited about FinTech too – not because it’s a growth industry, but because there are so many fascinating, innovative and different businesses which call the sector home.

Rather than focusing on the technology itself, our approach to building FinTech businesses starts with that company’s ambition. Where do they want to be, and who do they need to communicate with along the way? That way, we align ourselves with the client and its goals, while keeping the communications differentiated from the thousands of other voices in the space.


We believe that business-to-business communications doesn’t have to be boring. It’s not necessarily about rote releases detailing version 4.6 of a new application – but discussing the issues those businesses are solving. Sharing the knowledge and depth of insight behind the solutions. Focusing on the faces of the firm, and what sets their values and beliefs apart. Making the business distinctive, using every tool in our arsenal.

We also know that FinTech moves fast, and often the businesses are lean. Our services take the initiative to create content, generate opportunities and make sure we don’t miss vital opportunities while our clients are doing what they do best – innovating hard, and running their businesses.

Our approach has led to:

  • Over 120 articles on a data management business within the first year of working together, including announcing their successful Series A fundraise
  • Over 30 pieces of coverage on a recent FinTech Series A fundraise announcement
  • Profile interviews on business founders across three continents
  • Detailed content and article creation on issues as widespread as ESG, sector regulation, effective metadata management, and the digitisation of business operations
  • Podcast, webinar and speaker placements
  • Case studies, issues commentary and news hijacking showing clients ‘walk the walk’ and know their stuff on major matters affecting their sectors

We’d love to hear about what makes your FinTech unique, and play a role in your business journey.

If you’d like to talk about our approach, and what we would recommend for your business, get in touch: hello@themediafoundry.com