Rethinking the cinema experience

Introducing a new era of movie theatre: OMA

The Comms Challenge:

Taking the concept of a stunning new way to rethink the cinema auditorium experience to a global audience – against the backdrop of one of the toughest years ever experienced in the industry.

Ōma is an intimate, vibrant and unforgettable cinematic experience.

Inspired by the aura of traditional theatres, its unique architecture intensifies the original cinema magic. Based on modular pods, it puts everyone in audience in a prime position, bring them emotionally and physically closer to the story.

The Ōma concept is so innovative that it has been the subject of several European and international patent and design registrations with the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

It thus benefits from reinforced protection in terms of industrial and intellectual property.

What we did

Following a carefully chosen kick-off consumer feature placement for the first visuals of the Ōma Cinema with the Daily Mail, the idea took root in social media, spreading through numerous movie fan forums, use as a backdrop on TikTok, Reddit, massive Twitter likes and shares (including an awed retweet by Hollywood director Ava DuVernay) and well beyond…

We fed this astonishing social media response back into our press engagement. By actively seeding the images, the social media buzz and the unique Ōma style out to the world’s media we were able to give the cinema industry some positive news for a future beyond Covid, while also keeping film fans excited about how the silver screen can live and take their breath away once more.

Above: Nicolas Chican and Pierre Chican, founders of Oma Cinema
Photograph: Jean-Baptiste Chauvin


Our initial approach promoting the concept of its cinema design resulted in huge social engagement: 65,000+ likes on Reddit and 40,000 on Twitter.

We leveraged this profile to build a sustained trade/consumer PR campaign which has so far yielded over 80 articles globally, from CNBC in the US, Empire in the UK and Australia, and Gulf News in the UAE.

It has reached a potential audience of over 2 billion motivated movie fans.


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